Jirung Four Element Spa

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Balance your body, mind and soul with us

            The concept of Jirung ?Element? Spa borrows the knowledge from Thai traditional medicine. This antiquarian knowledge has been passed down since the ancient era, concerning the balancing of our life, particularly the body, mind and soul.
The core principle for the concept is closely related to Ayurveda. This is because we believed that Ayurveda healing is ?holistic? in nature. As such, being holistic align with Jirung vision and mission? to provide our customer with holistic healing power.
Simply put, Ayurveda viewed that everything in our world, including human, comprise of four elements? Earth, Water, Wind and Fire (an inspiration to Jirung color logo). This knowledge has been passes down from Indian monk since the ancient time and interwoven with Thai culture, and finally form as one of the basis of Thai traditional medicine.  
With this in mind, we use the four elements concept with our spa to create a holistic experience for customer to feel their body, mind and soul revitalising and becoming more balance, harmonious and in tune with the nature.
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